Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources

ByVéronique Montamat
8 June 2018
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The ‘super powers’ of machines for use by augmented HR

HR is now at the forefront in assisting companies with their digital transformation. It is undergoing its own digital transformation: new practices, new skills and new tools, in particular with the recent emergence of artificial intelligence and its ‘robots’, supported by the technologies and capacities of Big Data. How can HR Professionals make the most of artificial intelligence to help in the transformation of their job and the company in general?


The emergence of robots with artificial intelligence

Many people are already familiar with chatbots. These are virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence. They are increasingly used to help us in our daily tasks, such as making a request online or using applications on our smartphones. Companies also use chatbots. Upon arrival at the office, an employee simply opens a window on their smartphone to communicate in normal language with an HR chatbot. The chatbot can, for example, provide answers concerning leave entitlements and, if necessary, then go on to perform simple tasks, such as creating a leave request in the system.


Robots for managing automated HR back office tasks

Other types of robots also exist. Though these do not communicate with users as chatbots do, they also have artificial intelligence. HR has understood their potential advantages for back office tasks and has thus begun using them. The goal is to increase automation of operational tasks to optimize HR managers’ time. This is known as RPA or Robot Process Automation. Robots are thus introduced into IT systems that use Machine Learning.  These new types of assistants are highly effective in managing routine administrative tasks such as processing extremely large amounts of data coming from a variety of sources and that needs to be handled immediately. They provide assistance in managing cyclical processes that are subject to regulatory constraints.


Finding the right balance between human and artificial intelligence

Today’s challenge is to find the correct balance between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. How – and how much – do we take advantage of the potential savings in time and increased efficiency offered by robots while maintaining the human capabilities of decision-making and control? HR professionals could use intelligent robots to greatly increase efficiency, while maintaining final approval and the possibility of handling very specific points personally. We can thus speak of “augmented HR”. This would allow robots to be used as support for HR managers for some of the most time-consuming tasks: managing social contribution declarations. With the arrival of the DSN in France, the new “Déclaration Sociale Nominative”, things have changed radically to better provide assistance for the simplification processes desired by the state.


The use of robots for the DSN in France

As of January 1, 2017, a new simplified declaration, the DSN (“Déclaration Sociale Nominative”) is in use by all companies in France. It replaces all the declarations previously used. This declaration deals with extremely complex aspects of HR where security, compliance and quality of the data declared are crucial. New solutions incorporating the power of robots, based on an efficient balance between artificial and human intelligence, can now help HR professionals optimize their time when managing social declarations. Robots will handle most of the repetitive tasks and the automation of checks and audits. HR professionals will have access to preprocessed data as well as specific notifications and alerts. They can thus focus on high-priority checks and urgent decisions.

With the help of robots, HR is now able to optimize performance by freeing itself from certain time-consuming administrative tasks. Thus “enhanced”, it can concentrate on the human element and the challenges that companies face in terms of digital transformation.

Véronique Montamat
Director of Marketing and HR Prospective at Sopra HR
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