Optimize your daily management

Free your HR professionals from routine administrative tasks and choose intelligent, high-performance HR solutions. Automate HR processes for your company’s employees. Ensure the security of your personnel administration by complying with legal regulations.


62% of HR departments say that digital technology is useful for HR administrative management. 

Source: Baromètre L'Usine Digitale & Sopra HR 2021 - France


Manage your company’s complexities

In this ever-changing world we live in, companies need to adapt quickly. Manage the different aspects of your company - legal, operational, managerial, geographical and analytical - with precision and agility to support your company’s strategic objectives.


Save time by optimizing HR processes

Create an employment contract, manage absences, monitor sick leave, transfers, an employee’s departure ... our solutions include elaborate controls, automated supervision, diagnostic assistance, complete traceability of actions, paperless processing of documents and other tasks for HR professionals optimized by the power of algorithms.


You can rely on our 100% secure solution

We provide data security, traceability and confidentiality as well as personal data protection in compliance with the GPDR.
Carry out your tasks in compliance with regulations and manage transfers of digital documents to organizations and employees.