Over 50 years of experience

Understanding the past to prepare for the future

Since 1968, we have been a strategic partner for Human Resources departments and have constantly adapted to meet the challenges of the market. Since 2015, we have been accelerating our international growth and are now a global player in HR.  We play a key role in supporting organizations in their HR strategies, but we also help to make people the focus when it comes to a company’s performance.


1970s - 1980s

During this period, the first computerized payroll calculation solutions were developed. These were years of creativity and challenges and the basics were invented by our experts. A time when the first payroll & HR software solutions were developed: Pacha, Clipper, Hera, PX/GPX, Corfou, Prisme, Sag, Sigagip, Tempo...and the first cloud-type services.


1990 - 2010

Software created integrating robust technologies to accelerate computerization of companies and HR.
The first versions of Pleiades and HR Access software solutions, known for their powerful engines, were developed.
The success of the solutions, first in C/S then in n-tier architecture allowed them to be deployed in large public and private organizations and led to international expansion.
The service center in Tunis was set up and cloud payroll services developed.



The group’s Payroll and HR activities became subsidiaries of the Sopra Steria group. 
To support its international growth, Sopra HR offices were established in 10 countries.

The digital transformation of HR departments is still in the early stages. Sopra HR Lab innovation laboratory was created to implement the best technology for HR and anticipate areas of innovation.



2015 to today

Sopra HR is now a global player providing expert solutions and services.
In 2017, "HR Transformation" was created to help HR departments with their strategy. This was also the beginning of a platform enabling interoperability with an expanded HR ecosystem of partners for agile and efficient HR applications.
In 2018, multiple innovations led to our a new digital offering: the 4YOU HR workspace. BPO unit was created, placing Sopra HR as a trusted partner with HR departments.
In 2019, Neosphères Consulting was acquired, which strengthened the talent management position and Sopra HR became the first CSOD integrator in Europe. 1 million payslips produced in the cloud.
In 2020, after a major investment program, HR Access 4YOU and Pleiades 4YOU solutions were launched.