Managing HR requests to improve the Employee experience

ByBilel Boussada
11 September 2023

For some years now, HR has been relying on digital tools to optimize the employee experience, by handling HR requests as quickly as possible and providing appropriate, personalized responses online.


Artificial intelligence and natural language processing integrated into collaborative digital tools have helped improve the processing of queries and automatic responses to HR requests. HR ‘ticket’ management has thus been made easier and more structured. HR managers have access to the history of all employee requests and can be more responsive when handling new requests. Exchanges must of course comply with rules of security and confidentiality.


An 'intelligent' request management system makes it easy to record and centralize all employee requests as tickets from different channels, and process them in an optimized way.  The system can also identify repeat requests, or those that are most urgent to process.  HR can also categorize different requests, grouping them, for example, by priority or progress status. It is easier to follow up on requests when the status of each ticket is clearly visible. The different activities and actions in the HR service center can thus be handled more effectively. 


An efficient HR request management system makes it easier to manage exchanges with employees


Companies are also trying to encourage employees to handle online requests themselves, thereby relieving HR teams of some of the burden. Artificial intelligence helps employees make all their HR requests and initiate processes such as requesting certificates or leave through their employee portal, without the need for any action on the part of the HR manager.

As a result, HR professionals will be able to devote more time to other more important tasks and reduce the time spent processing the ever-increasing number of HR requests. In addition, new hybrid working standards, due to the strong increase in teleworking, mean that HR has to develop more services for employees. Automation is therefore a key element in streamlining the services HR can offer employees and managers.

Solutions are available on the market to manage, monitor and distribute the work of HR teams throughout the day and the week, and analyze in detail the various reasons and contexts of HR requests (process problems, rule problems, etc.). These solutions also provide KPIs on how requests are managed and the times required to process HR tickets. As a result, HR performance and employee satisfaction with the quality of the service provided is enhanced.  

Bilel Boussada
Head of the Steering & Digital HR activity at Sopra HR Software
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