Sopra HR participated in the 23rd Summer University of Arforghe and KAS

On 24 May 2022
With Arforghe, KAS
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Sopra HR was present at the 23rd edition of the Summer University of Arforghe (Association des Responsables de Formation et de Gestion Humaine dans les Entreprises) and the KAS (Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung).


This major event has gathered more than 150 HR professionals in Tunis on June 9 and 10.  This was an opportunity for Sopra HR to share and discuss the theme 'Working in 2030'.


Rethinking management today, revisiting all the old managerial practices, adopting new ways of working through digital technology or prioritizing remote are major concerns in the business world today in order to function and continue to progress.


Reflecting on all these questions, debating these issues, drawing lessons from the pandemic and capitalizing on the learnings, reinventing management practices, these are the objectives of this 23rd Summer University whose theme is: Proximity management and remote work: is it a paradox?


Véronique MONTAMAT, Director of Marketing and HR Prospective at Sopra HR Software, participated on June 10 in the round table discussion: 'Managing paradoxes and cultural transformation' in order to present the vision and innovations of a leading player in HR 3.0 solutions.


de Arforghe, KAS
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