Sopra HR 4YOU, an optimal user experience!

On 26 January 2024

Sopra HR 4YOU optimizes HR performance, from operational management activities to managing payroll and HR and will also allow you to boost the quality of services provided to employees. Sopra HR 4YOU offers a fully digital HR workspace that focuses on employees, increases HR performance and optimizes the quality of HR services.


Employees and managers will have access to an HR workspace that is personalized, interactive and collaborative. The 4YOU HR workspace becomes the single point of entry for all HR e-services that a company offers its employees and managers. This HR workspace has been designed for mobile use and focuses on the user experience to increase employee productivity and engagement. Employees will be able to enjoy a level of user experience similar to what they have in their personal lives, thus encouraging them to use the HR workspace on a daily basis.


Sopra HR 4YOU, a new generation of solutions for HR services!

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