The importance of digital adoption platforms to improve digitals skills within an organization

ByStéphanie Le Gros
13 March 2023

Digital adoption platforms such as Lemon Learning, ShortWays or Aidaxis, are essential, because they help employees learn new software. A digital adoption platform is a digitized user support tool directly integrated into a company software and that provides guidance tools and contextual information.

Such platforms, mainly used until now on tools such as Microsoft or Salesforce, are now increasingly deployed on HR information systems. Before a solution is deployed within an organization, the operating procedures must be written, so that users can learn how to use the solution.  Companies distribute information about the use of such solutions through their usual channels of communication. Methods differ, with companies using paper format, e-learning solutions or a digital adoption platform (DAP). 

HR departments use DAPs for various purposes: to onboard new employees, help employees learn new methods or when changing information systems.


The advantages of digital adoption platforms

Digital adoption platforms are designed to be directly integrated into company software and offer several key advantages. They are interactive and can be triggered automatically as soon as the user initiates an action, such as a leave request. For any HR request or transaction, there is a procedure to follow. The process is run automatically. Thus, the time required for training is reduced and employees can improve their skills quickly. This optimizes the employee experience and reduces the frustration of having to learn new software, while also reducing resistance to change because the experience is customized specifically to the employee’s needs. These platforms ensure successful deployment of new applications, while harmonizing processes and ensuring reliability of data.

DAPs also make maintenance easier, because they are updated instantly when the company’s software changes. 


Educational benefits

Digital adoption platforms combine training, support and communication.

With a hands-on approach, a DAP can be used in addition to training or documentation for the new application and in some cases even replace it. This is called 'learning by doing'.

The technology of a DAP acts as an additional layer on the software and applications concerned, with no specific development required. It can be configured by the company, which can create a customized, context-sensitive experience, tailored to the specific needs of the company, a department, a team, or a specific type of employee.

Users get a real-time grasp on the software as they use it, because help is offered at the right place and at the right time. When users are in the application, they can see highlighted fields to fill in, messages and prompts at key moments, links to comprehensive documentation on specific uses, new features and tips to ensure greater efficiency and save time.

Digital adoption solutions will never completely replace training methods, but they can be useful for change management strategies. They can be used in addition to traditional training methods and are a dynamic way to learn new software and support transformation.

Digital adoption platforms make it easy to learn different applications and software. Many companies’ IT and finance departments are already using them. In the years to come, HR departments will most likely be using them a lot more, too.

Stéphanie Le Gros
Head of change management and training center
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