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Daniel Ruiz, BQThe professionals at Talent BQ can now focus on what really counts: the people in the company. They have achieved this thanks to Sopra HR Software that provided software capable of automating administrative tasks and helping managers manage their teams more easily using an intuitive and comprehensive HR solution. Daniel Ruiz, Head of People and Talent at BQ, tells us about the project and the reasons that Sopra HR Software was involved.


How is the People and Talent department organized at BQ?

At BQ, it is based on 5 areas: attracting and selecting, social relations, communication, compensation and mobility. We have a team with a variety of backgrounds working closely together and we were up to now unable to find the proper technology allowing us to efficiently perform tasks while making it easy to use data.


What values best define your company?

We are “techno-optimistic”, which means that we think of technology as a way to improve the world we live in. This explains our commitment to education in technology. We want people to become familiar with technology, to understand how it works, to use it, but also...to create it. We think that through education we can encourage innovation and production of technology in our country. BQ is one of the main technology companies in Europe and one of the few Spanish companies dedicated to mass-produced electronics. Technology is our passion and this is why BQ does not only focus on mobile technology, but we manufacture 3D printers, robotics, educational products and we manage development projects for other internationally recognized companies.


Those values define the company. Are they a part of the selection process at BQ?

We are working on it. Five years ago we developed a template for a selection process and defined a dictionary of skills that we were looking for in our applicants. BQ values are always present when we go looking for new talent for our company. We not only look at our applicants’ formal education, but also their technical skills and especially their attitude and values that we share.


You recently set up a project with Sopra HR. What is the project and what are its goals?

Sopra HR is offering us a BPO service that will provide us with software to manage payroll, personnel administration and the employee portal.  This will allow us to be more efficient in our daily activities.

With a BPO service, HR professionals can focus on people instead of having to deal with routine administrative tasks. These administrative tasks are automated and we can thus concentrate on activities related to strategy and directly communicating with people.

Also, managing data on this new platform allows us to develop our own analytical capabilities. Using the Sopra HR software, we can share useful information and keep track of performance using KPIs that are visible on a daily basis.


What are you expecting from this implementation?

Above all, we want to reduce administrative tasks and thus free up time for more important tasks. This will benefit both the HR professionals in the ‘People and Talent’ department and the managers who can now focus more on people management. The implementation will make it easier for the company to respond to requests, to inform the teams of scheduled events and provide them with key information without them having to ask for it.

The software is meant for all employees and we think we will all benefit because the administrative workload will decrease

The HR team will, of course, make sure that all goes well and, because its administrative workload will decrease, it will be able to take part in producing “WOW moments”.  A “WOW moment” is when someone really needs you and you are immediately available and able to solve complex situations.


Who is the software designed for?

The software is designed for all employees and we feel that all will benefit from this very intuitive tool: both those managing and the end users. At BQ, where we want to encourage creativity at all levels of the company, it is important to offer solutions capable of reducing routine tasks.


When will the solution be implemented and how?

We are currently defining how the project will be run. In line with our way of working and the Agile method we use, we have a PM for the implementation that requires a structured database to ensure efficient operation of the BI systems. As the director and initiator of the project, I will monitor how the solution is defined and configured to ensure that all the areas within the company benefit from the software’s new features.  We will do this by implementing Agile methods, with incremental interactions which allow us to review the development and adapt it to the company’s real needs, which may change over the course of the project.


Why did you choose Sopra HR as a partner?

Before we started to assess the offers, we had a project team made up of managers and end users who described their requirements, requests and expectations. Once we reviewed the offers, we looked around for a partner capable of meeting all our needs. Our relationship with Sopra HR was good from the start because they were able to adapt to our needs and they quickly understood the challenges involved. We were also attracted by Sopra HR’s customer service experience, which we liked because user satisfaction is our primary goal.

The quality of the software was an essential point. This is a key topic for us. Many of the people on our teams have technical expertise in software. We thus wanted the solution and service to be met with approval.