Sopra HR’s Covid-19 plan


Sopra HR teams have been active over the past few weeks to deal with the health crisis caused by the spread of Covid-19.
All our resources in all our locations in different countries have been focused on ensuring the continuous operation of our services. Our teams are working to implement within our solutions the government measures that are specific to COVID-19 regulatory changes. Sopra HR Software has set up the following since March 13: 

  • A crisis unit to make all the necessary decisions and provide management teams and employees with guidelines regarding the actions to be taken and information to be communicated.
  • Business continuity plans in all of our countries and we will continue to adapt to changes in government measures and WHO guidelines. Our goal is to ensure the health and safety of our 1,800 employees who allow us to deliver our HR services while ensuring business continuity for the 12 million employees managed by our solutions. Sopra HR employees have the digital solutions needed for Human Resources functions during this exceptional time. 

We are working from home, but more united than ever by our sense of civic duty,
responsibility and solidarity.  
We can also depend on our employees who are committed to their tasks to better help HR in the challenges it faces. 
You can count on our support.  
FAQ on Sopra HR’s COVID-19 plan
What are the objectives of the Sopra HR business continuity plans? 
Sopra HR’s business continuity strategy has the following objectives:  

  • Provide and maintain infrastructures and IT systems with a normal level of service in line with economic challenges, our commitments, and the market, 

Be able to manage crisis situations, limit their impact and restore normal service as quickly as possible. 
What is the business continuity scheme for Sopra HR? 

Sopra HR Software is aligned with ISO 27001 and has a Crisis Management Organization in line with the Sopra Steria Group enabling the launch of Business Continuity Plans (BCP).  
Sopra HR Software Business Continuity Plans cover the following essential services:  

  • HRIS hosting and cloud activity of our clients  
  • Service Center activities
  • Third-party Maintenance Application activities

Hot-line support for our solutions  
Concerning business continuity:

  • When an event occurs, if it concerns a health risk, then the crisis unit of the entity concerned will be informed and will in turn inform the Sopra HR crisis unit. If the event is of an operational nature, then it will be handled by the chain of command of the entity concerned.
  • The customer account managers and the sales teams maintain a close relationship with our customers over the long term, in the most appropriate manner, by telephone and email or via the customer support site, to best adapt our operational arrangements to their changing needs.

What is the Sopra HR crisis unit’s organization? 
Sopra HR Software’s top management has decided to set up a crisis unit governance team that will meet twice a day. And in each of our countries and sites, a similar unit has been set up to relay the instructions of the central unit and organize the implementation of all the corresponding actions and communications locally.  

What is the system implemented for Sopra HR employees? 
Since Monday, March 16 and until further notice, working remotely has become the rule for Sopra HR employees and working on site (at customer’s site or at Sopra HR) is the
exception. All Sopra HR employees have a digital working environment that allows them to work remotely. They are equipped with collaborative solutions used for exchanges and group work and they have access to encryption solutions.

How will Sopra HR support its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic?
In addition to the business continuity plans, we have set up a system for monitoring specific legal developments concerning Covid-19 (Sick pay, ‘Declaration of partial activity’…for France) as well as supporting our customers with their implementation. Other types of support include Flash info communication, legal watch published on Mysoprahr (customer extranet site), dedicated webinars, as well as payroll and implementation expertise in our software solutions and in the customer‘s context. 

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