Impacts of GDPR on HR: steps towards compliance

Featuring research from Gartner

GettyImages-541282164 (2)According to Gartner, “On 25 May 2018, less than 50% of all organizations impacted will fully comply with the GDPR. Before 2020, we will have seen a multimillion Euro regulatory sanction for GDPR noncompliance.”


Sopra HR Software has been continuously delivering the solutions and services that are compliant toward the most impactful requirements of legislation. Initiatives and action plans have been already implemented in line with the requirements of the upcoming GDPR.


In this newsletter “Impacts of GDPR on HR: Steps Towards Compliance” featuring research from Gartner, we present insights to help HR departments to prepare for the new requirements.


Among the subjects covered in this newsletter, we can point out:

  • The featured Gartner research “GDPR Clarity: 19 Frequently Asked Questions Answered” published in August 2017, that provides findings and recommendations to security and risk management leaders for preparing the organizations and prioritizing actions.
  • The impacts of the GDPR on Human Resources
  • The main HR projects to ensure compliance