Innovation boosts competitiveness and development for companies and their HR departments. The challenge for Sopra HR is to anticipate innovation and use the best technology for HR.

New, agile work methods are being used that focus on the user experience while actively including the customer through the use of collective intelligence.

Sopra HR also encourages implementation of innovation ecosystems for HR: the use of technical components, startups and a partnership with ‘Le LabRH’ an HR think tank.

Sopra HR Lab: Sopra HR’s innovation laboratory

Sopra HR Lab logois a special place for finding innovative ideas for HR transformation projects. A place treflect upon new HR possibilities so that the solutions can provide our customers with the latest innovations.

Sopra HR Lab’s objective is to transform the latest technological advances, such as connected devices, chatbots, semantic analysis, voice analysis, artificial intelligence, big data and cyber security, into solutions to meet the new challenges of HR 3.0.

Some examples of the Sopra HR Lab works:

Blockchain dedicated to Human Resources 

access to the video dedicated to the Blockchain for HR


IA and enhanced HR

Picture to access to the video about Enhanced HR