HR Tech World Congress

24 & 25 october 2017

Sopra HR Software attended the HR TECH WORLD CONGRESS


HR Tech World is an event dedicated to HR decision-makers interested in new technologies. This annual conference is recognized worldwide and influence more than 40 million professionals worldwide. No other event has such an important impact on human resources and technology.

 24 october 2017 - Booth #111

stand hr tech


25 october - Conférence "Enhanced HRBots: the next BING THING"

HRTech conf


The digital wave is driving a major transformation of employees and employers expectations vis-à-vis Human Resources departments. While employees aim for higher individualization in HR and managerial policies as well as more agility and responsiveness in the consideration of their needs,  employers on the other hand, expect more efficiency and a productivity increase. Are enhanced HR robots part of the answer to all these expectations? Sopra HR software is continuously leveraging the latest emerging technologies and trends to design the future HR information Systems. Robotics Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented HR combined to an extensive knowledge of HR business led Sopra HR to create "Alex”, “Lucy” and "Cécile”, the  HRBots that we will introduce to you in HR Tech Amesterdam.


Raouf MHENNI - Managing Director of the International Operations at Sopra HR Software


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