Sopra HR offers personnalized services tailored to a company's requirements. Companies can implement hybrid HR solutions that combine Cloud-based applications, on-site solutions, SSCs and outsourcing of certain business processes... They can thus find a balance between centralizing, delegating and outsourcing to meet all HR needs.

HRO Services

Management of a part or the entire HR process of the organization

Processing Services

Payroll and post-production management


A comprehensive platform for an efficient payroll operation

On Premise

Evolutive and corrective application maintenance services

Sopra HR offers a range of personalized services to handle a wide variety of customer situations and needs. Sopra HR provides:

  • flexible industrail services integrating best practices
  • Different levels of cloud services
  • A specialized organization dedicated that ensure the efficiency of HR solutions and the maintenance, legal compliance and security of data
  • A dedicated team of experts skilled in both functional and technical aspects to provide customer support
  • A contractual service level commitment
  • A secure  and proven Cloud infrastructure that meets the highest standards